Flooded Derwentwater from headland at the head of the lake. Oct '08Sunset over high fells from High Tove. Dec '08Bluebells at Rannerdale on Crummock looking north east at Lad Hows. April '09View from Manesty's lawn south to King's How, Castle Crag and Gate Crags. Summer 07Footpath below Manesty looking east at Brown Dodd through the oak branches. Dec '09

Live!: News


June 18th, 2014

The living certainly is easy with the weather we’ve had this week, with temperatures hitting 24 or 25 deg C the last couple of days. We are having to water the garden, particularly the potatoes.

The owls nesting on our wood are doing well. Guests have reported 3 babies, which have all left the nest and are fast growing up and gaining their adult feathers. Here’s one of the proud parents catching a break between feeding them a couple of weeks ago!

If you’d like to enjoy the Lakes in the summertime have a look at our home page or prices and availability page for our last minute availability.

Manesty Owl

Borrowdale Road open again!

March 16th, 2014

The main Borrowdale road, B5289, is open again and the buses are now running as normal. Great news for the valley!

The daffodils are out!

March 3rd, 2014

The daffodils are out, the sky is blue and spring has sprung! Lots of other early blooms, including one lone camelia flower (lots more buds on the bush though), an arrray of different coloured heather and the end of the snowdrops which we first saw in the middle of January.

We’re now offering short breaks in all our cottages throughout March, so if you are thinking about a quick escape to the Lakes don’t hesitate to get in touch and we should be able to help you. We look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the blue skies while they last :)

High Seat's daffodils

Borrowdale Road diversion

February 11th, 2014

If you’ve heard about the temporary road closure for emergency repair works on the main Borrowdale Road, B5289, just south of the turn off to Ashness and Watendlath, don’t worry! You can easily get to Manesty via Portinscale around the west side of the lake. This alternative route shouldn’t affect your journey time significantly, indeed it is often our own preferred route to Keswick! The road is being well gritted at the moment. Written directions and a map on our directions page. For those of you travelling without a car, good news! The 78 bus service which usually runs to Grange along the B5289 has now been diverted past Manesty, so you can catch it from Keswick straight to the door! Find the new timetable here »

A new wood burning stove for Manesty

May 28th, 2013

Manesty's new wood burning stove

Bluebells at Manesty

We’ve been busy refurbishing Manesty’s kitchen and have installed a lovely new wood burner in the old inglenook fireplace.  There’s now a comfy sitting area by the fire as well as toasty underfloor heating, new tiled floor and a brand new cooker, fridge and separate freezer.  It now really is the heart of the home!

We’ve also replaced Cocklety How Stable Loft’s front door.  Where before there was wibbly glass and painted wood there are now lovely big glass double doors opening onto the patio.  You can now see right across the valley!

We’ve had a very late spring, but the advantage has been the long bluebell and blossom displays – the best in years – and the rhododendrons have yet to peak.  Our guests were blessed with glorious weather for both the long weekends in May, and the birds are nesting all over the grounds – wagtails, robins and swallows to name just those I can see from the office window!  And as well as our resident tawny own, we’ve had a barn owl patrolling the field opposite Manesty.

We hope to see you here at Manesty soon.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 20th, 2012

Holly at Manesty

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

For those of you who have visited this year or who have booked for next year, thank you very much for your custom and we look forward to welcoming you again.

For everyone else, what are you waiting for?! Our family has been welcoming visitors to Manesty for the generations and we know what makes a Lake District holiday. Manesty has an unrivaled position with breath taking views sweepng across Borrowdale and there is immdeiate access to high fell hikes, riverside rambles and leisurely lakeshore strolls and the bustling market town of Keswick is just 5 miles away. We hope to welcome you soon :)

With our best wishes for 2013,

All at Manesty


A wintery welcome to November

November 1st, 2012

We said goodbye to October with a deluge of rain yesterday, but today has welcomed November with a sunny morning, some blue sky and a lovely dusting of snow on the tops :) .

Our most exciting new at the moment is our new (and seemingly regular) visitor to our beck, a fishing heron! We are not sure how long it will stay as we weren’t aware that there was much in the way of fish in the beck, but it seems pretty keen, stalking up and down the banks and then standing for ages in the pools hunting. We can’t see it very well when it’s actually fishing, but here’s hoping it’s getting well fed!

Autumn has done us proud, with fabulous colours and mists and even a day warm enough to picnic outside earlier this month. With the snow today and the sight of many leaves piled on the ground instead of gracing the branches we are starting to look towards winter, although so so enthusiastically that we would wish autumn over already! But there is something to be said for crisp cold winter days.

We are working hard on our facebook page at the moment, where you can find news, photos and special offers updated everyday. Take a look at www.manesty.co.uk/facebook and click like so you don’t miss out on anything!

Tommy Bit, our new shepherd’s hut

September 1st, 2012

Its been a busy summer, mostly becasue in the middle of our very busiest season we decided it was time to buy, furnish and start letting our very own shepherd’s hut, Tommy Bit!

Made from all English wood (oak and larch) and delivered on the back of a VERY big truck at the beginning of July it opened for our first guests a couple of weeks ago. Weekends are booking up fast and the first few guests have found it very comfortable (we did forget to put a mirror in, but quickly resloved that!) . One guest has even commented that the bed is even more comfy than her bed at home, which is a bit of a relief for us as the cosy dimensions of the hut meant that we couldn’t fit in a shop bought folding bed, so we had to design and make one ourselves..

Have a look at the webpage for more details and get in touch if you are interested :)



The Cuckoo is here (and it isn’t raining)

May 2nd, 2012

Contrary to what seem to be happening in much of the country, it has been largely dry and sunny here for the past few days. Makes a change. With lots of experience of flooding and heavy rains here in Borrowdale, our thoughts are with those who have had too much recently.

We heard the cuckoo for the 1st time yesterday :) Do you know the Borrowdale cuckoo story? Read on to find out how we tried to achieve eternal spring in Borrowdale…

Each year in the Borrowdale the pleasant and luscious spring is heralded by the cuckoo. The locals of old wanted to perpetuate this bountiful and happy time of the year and believed that if they could keep the cuckoo then they would also keep the spring.

They built a wall across the valley, perhaps at the Jaws of Borrowdale, perhaps at Grange, from the top of fells on one side, to the tops on the other. They built it as high as a they could to keep the cuckoo in, and then spent a happy season safe in the belief that they had banished the cold hard winter seasons.

When the time came for the cuckoo to leave Borrowdale as was its annual habit, the locals in Borrowdale watched their wall in anticipation. To their dismay, the cuckoo cleared the wall by only a course of stone. If only they had put on one extra level of stone, they lamented!

Luckily, the cuckoo did not take offence at this attempted capture and still returns each year to let us know that spring is well and truly on its way. Even now, we still say that if you are born in Borrowdale you are a ‘Borrowdale Cuckoo’.

Did you know that our common cuckoo here in Borrowdale is a brood parasite, as are many cuckoos? This means that instead of building a nest a rearing their chicks themselves, they actually lays their eggs in other, smaller birds’ nests and leave the chicks to be reared by a different species of bird! The baby cuckoo is much bigger than the ‘adopted’ parent that feeds it – have a look at this picture of a reed warbler feeding a cuckoo chick from the wikipedia page.

Reed Warbler feeding a Cuckoo Chick

You can find out more about cuckoos and their breeding habits on the Cuckoo wikipedia page.


March 4th, 2012

Snow on the tops today! Lots of pairs of birds on the bird table this morning, particularly special to see 2 long tailed tits and 2 goldcrests (perhaps brought by the snow) among the usual great tits, robins, chaffinches and coaltits. Also a bumblebee spotted on the apriocot tree flowers in the greenhouse! Spring is certainly here, despite the snow.

We have started our final refurbishment for this season, High Seat’s kitchen/dining room, hallway and back porch.

We’re really excited about the solid oak flooring planks that we are going to use: local trees from a local sawmill in Appleby. Sneak preview of flooring (oiled and unoiled), cupboards, worktops (oak and Lakeland greenslate) and the tiles are below.

Tiles for High Seat’s new kitchen.

Examples of worktops (oak and Lakeland greenslate), cupboards and flooring (oiled and unoiled) for High Seat’s new kitchen.

Manesty Band’s Kitchen

February 13th, 2012

Phew! We have finished Manesty Band’s new kitchen, laundry room and downstairs w.c.. With the discovery of a huge fireplace behind the kitchen tiles which had been blocked up on at least 2 separate occasions and was full of rubble, the deadline of finishing for this week’s guests who arrived on Saturday was a little tighter than planned as we had to make quite a few last minute adjustments to showcase our find! Attached are a few phone camera pictures taken at the end of last week, and proper photos should be up on the website sometime in the next few weeks.

We have done our best to use as many local and natural products as possible. We have used local Lakeland stone worktops mixed with solid oak butcher’s block worktops. The slate is from Keswick’s Lakeland Slate Co, and complements our exposed stone walls (previously rendered outside walls) in the new laundry room and w.c. and our reclaimed skirting tiles made from 2nd hand slates we had in storage. The new kitchen cabinets are from Howden’s Joinery, a British company with a depot in Keswick who are commited to sourcing sustainable timber and to British manufacturing. All of our tradespeople are based in Keswick, so we are able to keep supporting our local economy which is important to us.

Manesty Band can now dine up to 12/14 guests and will be available to book this year with Manesty (sleeps 6/7), Manesty Dairy (sleeps 2) or High Seat (sleeps 3/4/5) for larger groups who want to dine together.

Manesty Band's new kitchen, Feb 2012

Manesty Band’s new kitchen, Feb 2012, looking over the dining table towards the repositioned kitchen area.

Manesty Band's new kitchen, Feb 2012

Manesty Band’s new kitchen, Feb 2012, looking towards the new laundry room and w.c. through the new door (where the window used to be).

Manesty Band's new kitchen, Feb 2012

Manesty Band’s new dining area, Feb 2012, set up for standard occupancy of 6 – 8 guests. There is space for the table to be extended to seat up to 12 – 14 guests.

Best Wishes for 2012

January 6th, 2012

We hope that everyone has had a great Christmas break and would like to wish you all the best for 2012.

Our winter work is going well and we will soon be able to offer dining accommodation for larger groups in Manesty Band, when booked with either Manesty or High Seat, for up to (hopefully – we haven’t bought a table yet!) 14 people. It is really exciting for us to be able to offer even more flexible accommodation, and make Manesty available for a wider range of visitors.

The winter so far has been rather warm, pretty windy and a little bit wet… (have a look at the weather station records). Despite this, some of our regular guests who were here for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year managed to walk on every one but three of their days here, a testament that the Lakes can be enjoyed to the full whatever the weather!

We would like to thank everyone who visited us in 2011, and hope to see many of you again over the next 12 months. If you are planning your holidays now then have a look at our prices and availability page to see if we have anything that will suit you.

Indian Summer :)

September 30th, 2011

September is going out with a bang, with temperatures reaching a glorious 25deg C. Today looks to be even warmer, so why not consider a last minute trip to the Lakes this weekend? We have availability for different group sizes and can promise a great last minute rate whatever your party size. Call or email us directly and tell us you are responding to our news post for the best rates.

Despite the cooler end to August and beginning of September this year there are only a few early signs of Autumn around. The bracken covered fells have turned a rusty red and the red squirrels are busy with the nuts, but the leaves are still green, the grass is growing at an alarming rate and bizarrely some confused rhododendrons have actually poked a flower out or two! Regardless, the weather is definitely reminiscent of the summer and we are enjoying walks and barbeques while we can.

We are also looking ahead to our winter renovations. In addition to the usual painting and redecorating, kitchen and bathroom refurbs and general maintenance, we are also looking at an exciting project to help accommodate larger groups at Manesty.

In the past we have been unable to accommodate parties of more than 7/8 people who want to socialise and dine together because we do not have a place that can accommodate more than 8 people dining at once. By increasing the dining area in Manesty Band (rearranging the kitchen/dining room and adding an extending dining table) we aim to create a dining area that can accommodate up to 14 people. Manesty Band will then be available to let with either High Seat or Manesty or Manesty Dairy for larger groups for short breaks in the low season and full weeks in the peak season. During the peak season also we hope to accommodate larger groups of up to 10/11 people for short breaks by offering Cocklety How Stable Loft, Cocklety How Byre and Cocklety How Studio together, with an area to dine in either the Byre or the Stable Loft.

We will let you know as soon as we have finalised our plans so you can start thinking about your holidays!

Summer sun at Manesty

August 9th, 2011

All in all, the summer so far has been pretty good. We have had lots of lovely warm and sunny summer days and the barbeque has been seeing lots of use! We had a very early blackcurrent crop this year, no doubt down to the warm dry spell in spring, and the plums are now starting to ripen which means the deminishing jam store will soon get a boost. There is a mewing baby buzzard around which is lovely to watch soaring in the summer sky. The red squirrels are making great use of our squirrel feeders, and we are topping up their monkey nuts regularly.The lambs have just been weaned and now look at home munching away at their lush green grass.

As mentioned in our previous post, after the popularity of the short breaks in our newest cottage, Cocklety How Byre, we are now offering short breaks (Fri – Mon & Mon – Fri) all year round for up to 5 people in Cocklety How Stable Loft. The Stable Loft operates on a sliding scale of prices depending on party size, so smaller groups are accommodated without having to pay for accommodation they don’t need. We have also introduced the sliding scale of prices to High Seat for weekly lets from Saturday – Saturday. We are now able to accommodate a wider range of holiday options, so should have something to suit everyone! Up to date prices and availability for the next 52 weeks are available on our dedicated interactive webpage.

For those of you looking for a weekend away in the Lakes we have written a leaflet for a perfect weekend at Manesty, specially orientated to those of you wanting to leave the car at home. We will publish this on our home page soon, so watch that space! If you’ve booked a weekend with us already and would like to see this then drop us an email and we will send you a copy of the current draft.

We still have a few summer breaks (short breaks and full weeks) available this August and into early September, so there is still a chance to come and enjoy the summer yourselves. If you want to miss the busier summer season, then why not consider an Autumn break and see the Lakes at their most colourful. Visit our prices and availability page to find a time that suits you.

Finally, for all of our guests, past and future, who are in London, we hope that you remain safe during the current unrest and that the situation gets back under control soon. Our thoughts are with everyone in the affected areas of the capital.

The end of Spring and the beginning of Summer

June 3rd, 2011

I had not realised it had been such a long time since our last news update! Spring, it would seem, has passed us by…

With a long period of warm dry weather about a month ago, we were battered with some strong winds and rather a lot of water last weekend. Happily, the sun has come out in force for the end of the school half term week and we are basking in glorious temperatures today (the thermomoter is currently reading 27 deg celsius). Blissful. The ash trees (always the last to green up) have finally put their leaves out and the bracken has poked new green shoots up over last years brown, so we know that it really is time to say goodbye to the spring.

We have got demanding baby blue tits being fed on the bird table by frazzled looking adult birds and the wagtail nest in the jasmine outside the bedroom window is getting a bit noisy for 5am in the morning. There have been casulaties: two tiny new born chicks were respectfully disposed of after (we can only assume) they were stolen from their nest and dropped mid flight on the gravel. We are keeping an eye on the slightly dopey blackbird that has chosen to nest practically on top of the tap we attach the hose to. It seems to be going strong!

The azaleas have finished their colourful blaze of glory but there are still rhododendrons keeping the gardens colourful. Have a look at our facebook album for photos of them in their prime. We have taken use of the good weather to assess the damage of the winter freeze on the more frost tender plants (we don’t really have any, but the winter was pretty exceptional!) and the good news is that more of them are recovering that we had initially hoped. We are giving them a chance to recover and will reassess in the autumn.

Our favourite thing about this time of year has to be the long light evenings and bright early mornings. With the longest day under 3 weeks away, it is barely getting fully dark at night anymore. It’s a great time for getting out and about, and we are trying to make the most of it by going for a walk after work has finished for the day. We had a lovely walk from Whinlatter above Bass Lake to Barf and Lord’s Seat last weekend, albeit a bit windy! We are toying with the idea of a new set of leaflets to complement our Walks from the Door. The idea is Secret Walks from Further Afield. Any ideas would be welcome, of course.

Things have not stood still over the past few months. We have painted all of the exterior of the cottages (tricky – not only is it a huge area, but the paint can’t go on if it is too cold or too hot or too wet…) and have also chosen new carpets for Manesty and Manesty Band, which will be fitted in the next few weeks. Our new leaflet for the gate with a summary of the accommodation we offer should arrive next week, and we are working now on updating our brochure. We also have a new initiative to encourage you to recommend us to your friends: departing guests are given a voucher which they can pass on to friends and family. When they book friends and family who present the voucher are entitled to a free hot tub, as are the guests who passed on the voucher when they come back.

We have fixed the weather station which was experiencing increasingly intermittent faults. We couldn’t pin down the exact problem, but replacing the hardwear that stores and uploads the data to the website has thankfully done the trick. We have also installed a second broadband line for our Manesty Holiday Cottages network, which should increase the speed of the broadband available. We are still somewhat limited by our rural location, but hopefully speeds should be more reliable now.

And finally, we are fairly confident that we will turn another of our cottages over to the popular Mon – Fri, Fri – Mon short break scheme that we trialled this year in Cocklety How Byre. We think that it will be Cocklety How Stable Loft, which will allow us to accommodate larger groups for short breaks, but we welcome your idea about this if you have any. Just drop us an email or put a wall post on our facebook page. We have last minute breaks and summer holidays available, so if you are looking for some time away have a look at our availabilities page and get in touch.

Early morning over Derwentwater from Catbells. Summer 07Manesty Holiday Cottages, with Maiden Moor behind. Autumn 07Preparing to skate with Shepherds's Crag behind. Jan '09Dusk over Watendlath tarn and cloud above Great Gable. Dec '08Red Squirrel. Dec '08Esk Pike and Great Gable dominating the horizon from King's How. Summer 07

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