Red Squirrel. Dec '08View from Manesty's lawn south to King's How, Castle Crag and Gate Crags. Summer 07Early morning over Derwentwater from Catbells. Summer 07Manesty Holiday Cottages, with Maiden Moor behind. Autumn 07Dusk over Watendlath tarn and cloud above Great Gable. Dec '08

Live!: News

Summer sun at Manesty

August 9th, 2011

All in all, the summer so far has been pretty good. We have had lots of lovely warm and sunny summer days and the barbeque has been seeing lots of use! We had a very early blackcurrent crop this year, no doubt down to the warm dry spell in spring, and the plums are now starting to ripen which means the deminishing jam store will soon get a boost. There is a mewing baby buzzard around which is lovely to watch soaring in the summer sky. The red squirrels are making great use of our squirrel feeders, and we are topping up their monkey nuts regularly.The lambs have just been weaned and now look at home munching away at their lush green grass.

As mentioned in our previous post, after the popularity of the short breaks in our newest cottage, Cocklety How Byre, we are now offering short breaks (Fri – Mon & Mon – Fri) all year round for up to 5 people in Cocklety How Stable Loft. The Stable Loft operates on a sliding scale of prices depending on party size, so smaller groups are accommodated without having to pay for accommodation they don’t need. We have also introduced the sliding scale of prices to High Seat for weekly lets from Saturday – Saturday. We are now able to accommodate a wider range of holiday options, so should have something to suit everyone! Up to date prices and availability for the next 52 weeks are available on our dedicated interactive webpage.

For those of you looking for a weekend away in the Lakes we have written a leaflet for a perfect weekend at Manesty, specially orientated to those of you wanting to leave the car at home. We will publish this on our home page soon, so watch that space! If you’ve booked a weekend with us already and would like to see this then drop us an email and we will send you a copy of the current draft.

We still have a few summer breaks (short breaks and full weeks) available this August and into early September, so there is still a chance to come and enjoy the summer yourselves. If you want to miss the busier summer season, then why not consider an Autumn break and see the Lakes at their most colourful. Visit our prices and availability page to find a time that suits you.

Finally, for all of our guests, past and future, who are in London, we hope that you remain safe during the current unrest and that the situation gets back under control soon. Our thoughts are with everyone in the affected areas of the capital.

The end of Spring and the beginning of Summer

June 3rd, 2011

I had not realised it had been such a long time since our last news update! Spring, it would seem, has passed us by…

With a long period of warm dry weather about a month ago, we were battered with some strong winds and rather a lot of water last weekend. Happily, the sun has come out in force for the end of the school half term week and we are basking in glorious temperatures today (the thermomoter is currently reading 27 deg celsius). Blissful. The ash trees (always the last to green up) have finally put their leaves out and the bracken has poked new green shoots up over last years brown, so we know that it really is time to say goodbye to the spring.

We have got demanding baby blue tits being fed on the bird table by frazzled looking adult birds and the wagtail nest in the jasmine outside the bedroom window is getting a bit noisy for 5am in the morning. There have been casulaties: two tiny new born chicks were respectfully disposed of after (we can only assume) they were stolen from their nest and dropped mid flight on the gravel. We are keeping an eye on the slightly dopey blackbird that has chosen to nest practically on top of the tap we attach the hose to. It seems to be going strong!

The azaleas have finished their colourful blaze of glory but there are still rhododendrons keeping the gardens colourful. Have a look at our facebook album for photos of them in their prime. We have taken use of the good weather to assess the damage of the winter freeze on the more frost tender plants (we don’t really have any, but the winter was pretty exceptional!) and the good news is that more of them are recovering that we had initially hoped. We are giving them a chance to recover and will reassess in the autumn.

Our favourite thing about this time of year has to be the long light evenings and bright early mornings. With the longest day under 3 weeks away, it is barely getting fully dark at night anymore. It’s a great time for getting out and about, and we are trying to make the most of it by going for a walk after work has finished for the day. We had a lovely walk from Whinlatter above Bass Lake to Barf and Lord’s Seat last weekend, albeit a bit windy! We are toying with the idea of a new set of leaflets to complement our Walks from the Door. The idea is Secret Walks from Further Afield. Any ideas would be welcome, of course.

Things have not stood still over the past few months. We have painted all of the exterior of the cottages (tricky – not only is it a huge area, but the paint can’t go on if it is too cold or too hot or too wet…) and have also chosen new carpets for Manesty and Manesty Band, which will be fitted in the next few weeks. Our new leaflet for the gate with a summary of the accommodation we offer should arrive next week, and we are working now on updating our brochure. We also have a new initiative to encourage you to recommend us to your friends: departing guests are given a voucher which they can pass on to friends and family. When they book friends and family who present the voucher are entitled to a free hot tub, as are the guests who passed on the voucher when they come back.

We have fixed the weather station which was experiencing increasingly intermittent faults. We couldn’t pin down the exact problem, but replacing the hardwear that stores and uploads the data to the website has thankfully done the trick. We have also installed a second broadband line for our Manesty Holiday Cottages network, which should increase the speed of the broadband available. We are still somewhat limited by our rural location, but hopefully speeds should be more reliable now.

And finally, we are fairly confident that we will turn another of our cottages over to the popular Mon – Fri, Fri – Mon short break scheme that we trialled this year in Cocklety How Byre. We think that it will be Cocklety How Stable Loft, which will allow us to accommodate larger groups for short breaks, but we welcome your idea about this if you have any. Just drop us an email or put a wall post on our facebook page. We have last minute breaks and summer holidays available, so if you are looking for some time away have a look at our availabilities page and get in touch.

Keswick on ITV’s ‘The Lakes’

February 23rd, 2011

Fans of ITV’s ‘The Lakes’ will have already seen this, but for everyone else out there, Keswick and it’s local businesses and business owners were featured on this week’s episode of ‘The Lakes’. Lots of familiar vistas and interesting tales. Enjoy!

Spring Beginnings

February 18th, 2011

The snowdrops are out in full force and the daffs have more than just poked their stems above the ground, although they are yet to flower. The lawns are showing signs of their first growth, the magnolia and the jasmine are promising to flower soon, and the early flowering heathers in the garden have already brought a riot of colour to the year. The garden birds are more active and this week we saw our resident red squirrel on the feeder for the first time this year. The ewes are noticably in lamb and are spending more than the usual amount of time lying down: all in all sure signs that Spring is definitely on is way, despite the recent scatterings of snow on the tops.

Our winter work went well: the work in Cocklety How Stable is now finished and the first guests to stay in it have been and gone. Its new layout and sliding scale of prices for different sized parties is proving popular with families and couples alike, and we hope that the added flexability this gives will mean we can help more people find that special time in the Lakes, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

With the better weather on its way and the longer days providing more time for outdoor work, we are now turning our thoughts not only to the annual calls of the garden, but also to the rather mammoth task of pressure washing the exterior of the buildings in preparation for a paint job. We will of course be staying with the original warm apricot colour that Manesty has been for a long time now, and even better, we have been delighted to finally source the Snowcem paint that gives Manesty its charactieristic darker hue in the rain, brightening the sometimes grey weather that the rain can bring.

Our lower season prices this Spring are as favourable as ever, and as well as the usual part week availability in the Studio and the Byre, we are also happy to be able offer part weeks for larger parties (and for smaller parties if the Studio and the Byre are booked) in some of the larger cottages. Prices and dates for these breaks are available on request and reflect demand and the proximity of the desired period.

If you would prefer to see the Lakes in the peace and quiet, awakening from its Winter slumber with daffodils, lambs, fresh Spring growth and all the other wonders of the new season, get in touch (by phone or email) and we will do our best to find you that perfect ‘get away’ break.

Happy New Year!

January 6th, 2011

Well, a week in to 2011! We hope you all had a restful and happy break over the Christmas season, and would like to wish everyone all the best for the new year. We had a lovely family Christmas here, depsite a few delays due to the snow in Germany preventing flights. One highlight had to be circumnavigating Derwentwater and visiting St Herbert’s Island on ice skates. A first for everyone in the family, even Alan who skated on the lake as a child. Another has been falling asleep listening to the cricket, with the house reverberating to the sound of Test Match Special and the exhilarting Ashes series going on in Australia. It should culminate tonight (if the rain goes away!) with an England win down under for the first time since 1986! So, all in all, definitely a Christmas to remember.

Our alterations in Cocklety How Stable Loft have gone well, and the photos of the new bedroom and sitting room are now up on its webpage. We are now refitting the kitchen, which will be completed in the next few weeks. As ever, photos will be up on the website soon after.

We have also finished and trialled our new interactive prices and availability page which is now totally integrated on the website. It shows day by day availability and should make searching for your ideal break more intuative and informative. Let us now what you think: drop us an email, give us a bell, or join us on facebook or twitter and make a post.

Finally, it only remains to say that the new year has brought us the usual flurry of booking so we are as busy as ever! Our new cottage, Cocklety How Byre, is proving popular and we hope it will become a favourite get away place for some of you, as so many of our other cottages are. We hope you will consider Manesty Holiday Cottages for whatever holidays you are planning at the moment: get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

Winter Wonderland

December 7th, 2010

It seems hardly a moment ago that we were last blogging about the wonderful seasonal winter weather, yet here we are again! Snow has been lying for over a week now, having first snowed on Friday night, and although there is a thaw promised for Thursday, our long term weather forcast suggests that it will only be brief. We have had the sledges out and are hoping to skate on the frozen lake tomorrow. A quick walk today up to Rigg Head Mines was an exhilarating alpine experince, particularly surreal for this west coast temperate climate. The beautiful cold days look set to continue and it’s a real treat to get up day after day.

Our winter work continues well: alterations in Cocklety How Stable are on schedule. Electrics, joinery and plastering are finished and we are now decorating and about to put in the new flooring. We have also developed a new interactive prices and availabiliy page for our website, which is this week to be intergrated in to the website and should be going live within the next week. It will make finding and enquiring about your ideal break away more intuitive and informative, dispaying night by night availability as well as specific prices for each week for different party sizes. We’d love some feedback, so will definitely be letting you all know when its ready for action!

We can only emphasize now what a wonderful wintery period we are having in the Lakes at the moment, and what a special time it would be to take a break here and experience the beauties and splendor of a snowy Lakeland. Before last year we had not had weather like this for years, so make the most of it: escape the fesitve build up and make time for a few idyllic days away.

Cocklety How

November 9th, 2010

We are delighted to announce that our new spacious luxury accommodation, Cocklety How Byre, is now finished! With luxurious 100% wool carpet in the bedroom, king size bed, walk in wardrobe/dressing room, solid oak floor in the living room, 32″ flat screen TV, La-Z-Boy reclining leather arm chairs and sofa,  and fully equipped fitted oak kitchen, it is a tranquil and relaxing place to spend a well earned break surrounded by the beautiful outdoors at Manesty. Added to that, there is also a sofa bed for the option of a twin or for an extra couple. Even better, the Byre is available for short breaks all year round, so it is even more likely that you will be able to take the time off to visit!

With the Byre completed, we are now turning our attention to the Stable Loft. Yesterday we started the conversion of the room adjacent to the entrance hall downstairs into a sitting room, and our builder is currently busy taking walls down in the entrance area to provide access to the sitting room and downstairs shower room. The electrician is disconnecting wires and working out how to rewire switches to more convenient places. The glass double doors that will go from the entrance area to the sitting room have been ordered, and the joiner is on call to come and fit them as soon as the opening is ready! We are hoping to add a heated tiled floor to the entrance hall (to warm those cold wet feet) and a porch to the front door, but whether these will be jobs for after Christmas remains to be seen: it’s early days at the moment.

We have had the first snowfall of the season (albeit just on the tops) and the current northerly wind is a nippy reminder that the excitment of winter is on its way. We still have some availability for Christmas and New Year, so if you are looking to spend part of the festive season away from home, either to celebrate with friends and family or just get away from it all for a while then do get in touch. As ever, our prices and availabilities are on the website and we are always here to help at the end of the phone or by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Changes at Manesty

September 30th, 2010

Regular visitors to Manesty will be saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend and neighbour, Margaret, who had lived in Cocklety How since 2000. Margaret passed away in early September in the Cumberland Infirmary. Obviously this sad event has affected our family in more ways than one. We are now charged with making important decisions about how we will incorporate Margaret’s house into our business.

This November/December we plan to incorporate a downstairs shower room and spacious sitting room into Cocklety How Stable Loft underneath the kitchen, bathroom and small bedroom. We will turn the old sitting room back into a 3rd bedroom and the small bedroom back into a single room. The Stable Loft will then be able to accommodate up to 5 people in 3 bedrooms, and will operate on a sliding scale of prices depending on occupancy: the current price will remain for parties of up to 3 people, and the price will increase incrementally for parties of 4 and 5. We hope that this will increase the flexibility of our accommodation, yet not discourage our valued regular guests who have been visiting the Stable Loft for many years!

Margaret’s house will be renamed Cocklety How Byre, as is it sited on the location of the old tin sheds and in the part of the original barn where the cows lived when the working farm buildings of Manesty Farm were here at Manesty (they are now located about 400m away on the road to Grange). It will be let as a luxury one bedroomed cottage for 2, with the option of sleeping another 2 persons on a sofa bed in the spacious lounge. It will be available for part weeks all year round, probably on a Monday – Friday, Friday – Monday basis, and is thus likely to be let on a Friday – Friday cycle, with later arrival and departure times than currently to allow people to come up after work and make the most of their last day here at the end of their stay.

We hope you are excited by the changes we plan to make in Cocklety How in the near future. We would love to hear your comments: drop us an email , give us a bell, or join our facebook page and comment on our wall or directly on our notes where our news items are posted as a blog. Don’t forget you can keep up to date with our lasted offers and availability there as well!

New film, home page, facebook and postcards

August 17th, 2010

It has been a busy summer here at Manesty. Our film, commissioned in early summer, is now playing on our new home page, which went live yesterday. James, our film maker and family friend, has spent many holidays here with us in the Lakes and his skills and our knowledge of the area has combined to make a wonderful depiction of Borrowdale.

The new home page focusses on our recent news and on displaying the beauties of Borrowdale and our local area. The new film takes pride of place, but you can still view the slideshow (which has had a few photos added to it) by clicking on the still photos. There is a dedicated space for our late availability and special offers, so you don’t have to go as far when looking for that last minute break! We also have a new facebook page: become a fan and keep up to date with our special offers, late availability and news while you are keeping in touch with friends.

We have designed and had printed our own bespoke, high quality Manesty Holiday Cottages postcards. The two photos used were both taken by us with no special equipment or lenses: it’s easy take a good photo here! We are selling them in the cottages so that visitors can send them to friends and family, or keep one as a special momento of their time at Manesty.

The recent humid weather has meant that we have been kept on our toes keeping the lawns and gardens in top shape, but now seems to have given way to bright, clear, sunny days. Visitors over the next few weeks will hopefully have the best of both worlds; hot dry sunny days and a lucious green vista. We still have some availability in August so why not get in touch and see for yourself.

Hose pipe ban in the Lakes!

July 16th, 2010

After a months dry weather, the Lake District resevoirs have been at an all time low (Thirlmere was only 37% full at one point), and our craggy lawns are totally dead and brown. Unitied Utilities has imposed a hose pipe ban on their customers in the North West, in an attempt to revive the reservoirs levels. Whilst not subject to the ban, we are have also been using our own private water supply with care. It has never failed us yet, and the boggy fell behind the house and below the catchement area is still pretty wet. Last time there was a hosepipe ban (14 years ago) we didn’t have any problems.

Typically, since the ban can into force on Friday (9th July), it doesn’t seem to have stopped raining. Our lake, Derwentwater, is very full, although a recent drive past Thirlmere made it evident that the recovery there has be to nowhere near the same degree. I suppose a happy medium would be rain at night and sunshine during the day!

Springtime in May

May 25th, 2010

The bluebells are beautiful at Rannerdale on Crummockwater and are a must to visit; the coal tit is nesting in its hole on the ground at Manesty; the azealas and rhododendruns are showing their wonderful variety of colours; the red squirrels are dashing about on our lawns; the very hot temperatures of the weekend have taken a dive;  the area is very dry and Derwentwater is very low and at Manesty we are watering the lawn and garden; the birds are very noisy; the song birds are a joy and the summer visitors such as the cuckoo,  green finch,  gold finch and housemartin add to the volume and variety; the days are long, we are only a few weeks away from 24 hour daylight and the light is clear.  May is certainly a must for a visit.

Website photos and Google Street View

March 21st, 2010

We’ve been Google Street View-ed!!! We’ve just found that the whole of Borrowdale is now visible on Google Maps with Street View. The pictures look like they were taken around Easter last year; the daffodils, hawthorn and larches are out, and the grass has been growing, but the bracken and beech hedge are still in their winter state. Please look here to explore our immediate surroundings using this amazing tool. But remember that the Street Maps camera is on top of a car at the end of a long pole – you actually can’t see over the wall when you walk along the road so we really are very private!

In addition, we have now got the photos of all the work we have done over the winter uploaded onto the website. There are new shots of all the bedrooms, of Manesty Band’s bathroom with roll top bath and rain head shower, and of Manesty Dairy’s new open plan living area on the individual cottage pages, as well as new photos of the surroundings and some of our walks over the winter in the picture gallery. Happy browsing.

Early Spring and Manesty Dairy Refurb

March 2nd, 2010

We are enjoying beautiful sunny days and clear blue skies (not a cloud in sight today!). With the snowdrops out and the daffodils coming through, it feels as if spring is really on its way, despite the persisent covering of snow on the fell tops. It has been a busy time over the winter, which much refurbishment, painting and decorating. The highlight of the new year has to be Manesty Dairy’s transformation; with new carpet throughout and a totally new upstairs living/dining/cooking area, the few lucky guests who have already stayed in it have been delighted with their accommodation. We have opened up the upstairs area by knocking through the kitchen and stairway into the previous sitting room, making a fabulous light and airy space. With a new made to measure kitchen from the local Southey Interiors and local greenslate worktops from Lakeland Slate, the cooking faclities have been transformed. With plenty of storage and worktop space, it is delightful for those who like to cook something special when away from the busy home life. For everyone else, it is great to look at! Who can resist sinking into the sofa, with the feel of 100% wool carpet beneath their feet, and looking out onto our own wooded area, home to tawney owls, red squirrels and much more. Guests staying in Manesty Dairy are encouraged to take their morning cup of tea outside to the seat there and enjoy the view over Manesty’s roof tops of the stunning Borrowdale valley, as generations must have done so before.

Winter Weather

January 21st, 2010

We are having a wonderful seasonal winter with skating on a completely frozen lake being the highlight albeit armed with a drill for testing ice thickness, a chart showing the water depth and a ladder for rescue; just wish some of the other enthusiasts were as well prepared. We have, as a family, skated on the lake for nearly a century. On the downside our rubbish bins weren’t emptied for 5 weeks (today was the first collection since the collection before Christmas) and we saw no sign of any salt on the roads until the thaw started, when we had 2 visits in 18 hours! This is the worst service that we have known although not the worst weather by any means.

New features

November 29th, 2009

Current projects include Manesty Band’s bathroom being totally refurbished; the farmhouse loft’s insulation being enhanced (with foam spray against the slates and environmentally friendly recycled quilting made from plastic bottle on the ceiling); new bed bases being ordered for the bedsteads; and quilted bed throws in conjunction with linen hire duvet covers and sheets being the new bed linen arrangements. The usual painting and decorating at this time of the year is ongoing. Tradesmen are less busy than usual because of the economic downturn and this has allowed us to initially make speedy progress but the flooding has seriously slowed us up now.

Sunset over high fells from High Tove. Dec '08Bluebells at Rannerdale on Crummock looking north east at Lad Hows. April '09Preparing to skate with Shepherds's Crag behind. Jan '09Esk Pike and Great Gable dominating the horizon from King's How. Summer 07Flooded Derwentwater from headland at the head of the lake. Oct '08Footpath below Manesty looking east at Brown Dodd through the oak branches. Dec '09
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